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RyFox's Sims

15 November 1989
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This journal is for my Sims 2 stuff.

My main neighborhood right now is called Raspberry Valley and is the place where all the various challenges are played out (except those that will require their own neighborhoods). Currently I'm doing these challenges in Raspberry Valley:

Legacy (traditional)
Wants Method Legacy
Gay Legacy
Vampire Legacy
I'm Surrounded By Idiots Legacy

SHORT(er) CHALLENGES (good for populating the neighborhood)
10 Children challenge
Asylum mini-challenge
The Bachelorette [completed]
Toddler Mania [completed]
Oil and Water

I'm also going to do Prosperity as soon as I finish organizing my downloads. I reached 27,000 files and now I'm getting annoying graphical glitches when browsing the catalog, which in itself takes ages. Not to mention that the game now takes 10 minutes to load and home lots take as long as 7-10 minutes to load the first time after starting the game. I don't know how I managed to collect that much clothes, makeup, and recolors, but some will just have to go. I mean, my Hair folder has 1,318 files. That is just silly.

I'm also going to try the Merged Neighborhood idea, which is where Pleasantview gets Strangetown and Veronaville attached as Downtowns.

I have lots of ideas for other "themed" neighborhoods to do. I'm doing to do the Royal Kingdom challenge as soon as I can get the downloads together, and I'm doing to do a Space Colony themed neighborhood, and then I'm going to make prehistoric sims using that new Sim Stones set at MTS2.

I play with a billion hacks, so even though most just fix glitches or remove annoyances ("what's this," anyone?!), it means all my scores are void, and I'm only doing these challenges for the fun of it.

Here's my Bachelorette, Mirabelle.

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