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16 June 2006 @ 06:21 pm
Bachelorette challenge: Part 2  

Part 2 of the Bachelorette challenge.

The day is not over. Three lucky guys will make it to a hottub date with Mirabelle this afternoon.

And they are: Leo, Brett, and Victor!

Enjoy your date, boys.

This looks a bit dull, actually.

Dancing dates!

This is much more fun than the hottub.

It's that time again....

You know what we're here for!

. . . .

"Right, let me just look at my speech here.... Oh, yes."

"This is the toughest decision I have had to make so far. Having got to know these men for so many days now, I just don't know how I can bear to send one of them packing."

"It's almost enough to make me cry...."

".... But I must be strong.... because.... um...."

"Oh, yes, here it is. I MUST be strong, because I must remember my goal. I cannot settle for second best if I am to find my soul mate. I must be strong."

"But it's just sooooooo HAAAAARD!!!!!"

*cough* *cough* *cough*

"Please, I need a moment to compose myself. It simply fills my heart with dread to do what must be done today."

"Fabian is the one who must leave today."

. . . .

. . . .

Oh, yes, Fabian, lets cause a big scene.

Can we fast-forward this? Does our audience really need to see this?

A beam of light and a cloud of smoke....

A flash of blinding light....

And Fabian is GONE!

"Let us give a hand to the amazing men who remain."

*clap* *clap* *clap*

"And that's all folks.... Until tomorrow, that is!"


Chess dates progress well.

Morning flirts result in all kinds of....

.... Hearts flying.

"Whew... it's been a while since we last -- oh, wait, what am I saying? It was yesterday. But it felt like forever to me."

"I've read the latest batch of reviews, and let me tell you, all of you who are calling me a rhymes-with-witch shouldn't talk 'til you've walked in my shoes!"

"I don't know who you people think you are!"

"But lets forget all that. On with the show!"

"We are here today to eliminate our third contestant. Who will it be?"

"Remember -- Ethan and Fabian have left us, so it's down to Carter, Leo, Victor, Brett, and Marcus."

"I've made my list and checked it twice.... I'm sorry to say that VICTOR must go!"

".... Whaaaat???"

"Excuse me, but there's some sort of mistake, I think...."

"Please, please, please...."

"PLEASE don't send me away, Mirabelle!"

"What have I done? Was I not manly enough? Was my hair not shiny enough? Did my eyes not burn with passion, only for you?"

"Ohhhhh Pleeeeeease...."

"Pretty please?"

But while Victor begs and pleads, the light beams and the cloud envelops him, still on his knees on the red carpet.

A flash....

The cloud dissipates....

And Victor is GONE!

"Um... yes, that was very traumatic. I may have neightmares."

"But lets give a warm hand for the four who remain! Carter, Leo, Marcus, and Brett have made it this far!"

"We don't know yet who will win, but until we find out...."

"This is Sim Star TV's one and only Bachelorette, signing out!"

The contestants get some free time to just hang out.

And then we have an impromptu group smustling date.

Some of these guys desperately need dancing lessons.

A bathroom is a great place to flirt.

Brett steps between Mirabelle and Marcus. Can't have those two spending all their time together, can we?

Marcus counters with a serenade.

Brett is amused. No competition here.

Time for solo dates.

You have to admit they look good together.

But Mirabelle thinks Brett is pretty hot, too.

Brett shows up for their date and proceedes to be so dull that he even puts HIMSELF to sleep.

Mirabelle makes note of this. Her father would have approved.

Still... this is a very unexciting date.

Carter thinks Mirabelle is a bit forward. He's not quite comfortable around girls like her.

Still, he tries his best to respond the way he thinks she expects. There's a lot riding on this date.

Luckily for Carter, Mirabelle doesn't mind spending the rest of their date playing silly games.

Brett serenades, while Marcus watches.

Marcus serenades, while Brett watches.

Brett sweet-talks, while Marcus watches.

Marcus flirts, while Brett watches.

"You suck!"

"No, YOU suck!"

Mirabelle: "Zzzzzzzzzzzz...."

Kissy-kissy time! Marcus goes first.

"Me next? Oooh YES!"


"Uh... you know, about this whole flirting thing...."

"I dunno what's wrong with me, really...."

"Kiss? Uh... must we?"

"Well... okay, I guess...."

"MY turn!"

*grab* *yank* *squeeze*

"Come here, you!"

Notice the death grip Leo maintains on Mirabelle's arm. She isn't going anywhere.

"Four? FOUR?!"

"That's right folks, we've got FOUR guys left! And today we're sending one more packing!"

"Who shall it be? How ever will I decide?"

"This gets harder every day...."

"Not that YOU would know anything about THAT!"

"Yeah, YOU! I'm talking' to you, there, with the bag of poo! I SEE YOU OUT THERE!"

*mumble* *mumble* ".... concentrate, Mirabelle... concentrate...." *mumble* *mumble*

"It is time. I must choose, though it kills me to do it!"

"The one who will go today is... is...."


. . . .

".... Why did I ever agree to subject myself to this...?"

"I could just die.... I'll never show my face in public again...."

Fortunately for Carter, his peformance is deemed less entertaining that Victor's was, and he's whisked away fairly quickly.

And now there are THREE!

"We made it to the Final Three round! I think we ALL deserve a huge round of applause!"