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30 July 2006 @ 08:51 am
Raspberry Valley update.  
This is just an update.

I finished the Asylum challenge, but the story is so long that it will take me a while to post it.

I've decided to continue the Asylum even though the challenge is technically over. The controllable sim has moved out, so I'm left with seven asylum inmates. I had been planning to turn them into townies, but I got a better idea.

I'm going to play them all. I gave them all an extra 10 days so they wouldn't age to elder, chose a new sim to control, and I guess we'll see if they'll all still be alive by the time this sim gets her ticket to freedom.

Anyway, onward... I started the 10 Children challenge and after playing for two days I have six kids, but there might not be enough time to have four more. It's going to be very close. I don't understand... I didn't waste any time at all between births.

I'll also start some of the Legacies today, after combing through my downloads and getting rid of some stuff.