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25 July 2006 @ 12:20 am
Toddler Mania challenge.  
This is my completed Toddler Mania challenge. I mostly did it to add some children to the neighborhood, since I don't allow townies to be generated in my neighborhoods.

The Raspberry Valley Orphanage is home to seven little girls, under the care of the infamous Sister Hope, who pretty much terrorizes the entire Raspberry Valley.


These skills were taught:
Walking: Charity, Worth, Tempest
Talking: Patience
Potty: Patience, Tempest, Grace
So that's 21 points for skills.

All grew up well, so that's another 21 points. Three grew up Platinum, so that's 9 points.

They got 27 skill points, so that's 13 1/2 points.

I used the energy cheat once, and that's -2 points.

TOTAL: 62 1/2

This is Sister Hope and the seven girls who will be living in the Raspberry Valley Orphanage.

And here is the Orphanage.

Not very fancy, is it?

The skilling race begins.

This is Worth.

This is Charity.

This is Faith.

This is Tempest.

This is Grace.

This is Mercy.

This is Patience.

As you can see, I've found that it's simpler to just let them pass out on the floor. The cribs waste a lot of time! Plus, in the cribs it takes them no time at all to max their energy bars. Which is bad thing in this challenge.

All passed out!

A skill is taught.


Someone's dangerously close to getting taken away by Social Services. Which begs the question... if you are an orphan in the only Orphanage in town, where would they take you, exactly?

Another skill.

Another skill.

And another. I kind of forgot to take very many pictures in this challenge. It was just too crazy. But at least I can use the sims' memories to keep track of things.

Growing up begins! This one grew up Platinum as you can see.

Another one.

Another Platinum about to grow up....

There she goes.

This one grew up well too.

Now all of them have grown up, so the challenge is over.

I liked this challenge well enough, but it was hectic. I didn't get a lot of pictures, even though lots was happening, and I didn't get a decent story out of it, and the pictures I did get were all crappy as you can see with your very own eyes.

Here are some tricks that I used for this challenge. They may or may not work for you, of course.

My house design sucked, so that would be an area that could be improved to get a better score. If you are going to use the crib alcove method, make the alcoves bigger than the cribs. 2x2 just does not work! They can't put the kid down and walk from one alcove to the next like total morons.

I found that the only way I could do anything with this challenge is if I didn't use cribs. I only put toddlers in the cribs when I was getting ready to train them to walk/talk/potty. Otherwise, I let them scream until they fell asleep on the floor, which is harmless and saves tons of time and effort. Of course, I was taking a hit as far as skill points go, because none of the toddlers were in any condition to play with toys.

My other trick was to not use the changing table. Click on the toddler and choose "change diaper" and save tons of time.

Last trick: make the adult sloppy so it eats fast, and don't use tables and chairs, because they seem to eat faster standing up.

No cribs, no changing tables, and no kitchen furniture... this was a sad, sad family.