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16 June 2006 @ 06:51 pm
Bachelorette challenge: Part 4  

This is it! The 4th and last part of the Bachelorette challenge.

Mirabelle is confused. She manages to both fall in AND fall out of love with Marcus. At the same time.

She finally settles on falling out of love and getting furious to boot.

Go on, Mirabelle, tell us how you REALLY feel.

With these developments, Leo thinks he stands a good chance of winning. But first he needs to get rid of that gut. Mirabelle's turn-off is fatness, after all.

But Marcus is quicker. He makes up with Mirabelle before Leo loses so much as an ounce.

That night, having found out what Mirabelle and Marcus were up to, Leo rejects MIrabelle's offer to go on a date.

But Marcus accepts.

And they make it all the way to Good Date on the power of a few autonomous actions and a little making out....

And woohoo!

The deal seems sealed.


"We've made it! This is the final round!"

"The man who remains today shall be my husband!"

"What's this? For ME? Ohhhh, Marcus....." *swoon*

Note how Leo's smile has turned into a painful-looking grimace.

"Well, given this turn of events, I have no coice but to declare MARCUS the WINNER!"

"This is it, folks. The end! Won't you please stay for the wedding?"

"A kiss for the champion...."

"Marcus.... will you be my husband?"

And of course, Marcus said yes.

Not that he had much choice in the matter. What sort of show would it be if the contest winner left the bachelorette at the altar?

Vows are exchanged.

"Thanks for sticking with us, folks!"

The happy newlyweds get their one million simoleons....

And move into the Helluva Hacienda.