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16 June 2006 @ 06:45 pm
Bachelorette challenge: Part 3  

Part 3 of the Bachelorette challenge.

The next few days promise to be rather brutal. Marcus seems to think he had this contest in the bag, until Mirabelle swoons to the sound of that idiot Brett's raspy voice!

Mirabelle is stunned by the slap. Somebody dared to slap HER?

"Like hell I'm choosing that jerk now! I'm glad he showed his true colors before this went too far!"

But shortly thereafter, Marcus comes to apologize.

"We have something special, and you know it. Lets not throw it away. I acted rashly."

"Well, just as long as you don't do it again, Marcus... I have a role to play here, you know."

Marcus grits his teeth and watches as Brett moves in.

But as soon as Mirabelle is out of the room....


"You just stay away from her, you hear me?"

Marcus: "Walk away from me, will you...."



But Brett has no intention of letting Mirabelle slip away just because that big lug is throwing his weight around like a spoiled baby having a tantrum.

Brett is pretty sure that Mirabelle is in love with him, not Marcus.

Until the next morning, that is.

Brett is too stunned to make a sound. Other than the sound of his heart breaking, anyway.

"YOU... YOU...!" *stutter* *stutter*

*no words*

. . . .

. . . .

Marcus adds his own brand of injury.


*still stunned*

The poor guy. We're gonna need a dentist over here... Brett's got lockjaw or somethin'....

While the cameras were on Brett and Marcus, Leo saw his chance to get ahead in the game.

But Marcus must have been keeping one eye on Mirabelle even as he poured the salt on Brett's torn-open heart.

Mirabelle is back in love with Marcus... and Leo sees red as his chance at winning slips through his fingers.

Brett soundly rejects Mirabelle's attempt at making peace.

"Talk to the hand!"

The cameras roll, ready or not.... and this bunch definitely is not.

"I caaaaaa't doooooo thiiiiiiis!!!!!"

"Oh, the agoooooneeeeeee!!!!!!!!"

"Oh, what am I saying?!"

"This is hands-down the easiest decision yet! I've been slapped three times today! One of these jerks has got to go!"

"BRETT is leaaaaaveeeeeeeng!"

And though she claimed the decision was easy, Mirabelle bursts into tears.

.... And so does Brett.

. . . .

The flash comes to take Brett away.

.... And there were TWO.