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16 June 2006 @ 06:10 pm
Bachelorette challenge: Part 1  

I have finished this challenge in my neighborhood, Raspberry Valley. It is posted in 4 parts and contains 216 pictures, so beware if you are on dial-up. The picture all together total 6.6 MB amd are hosted on Photobucket.

This is the first story I've ever written, so it most likely sucks. I figured out a lot of things as I went along, such as (head-smacking moment) when I finally figured out what is meant by "save your camera angle."

Here's a link to the challenge for anyone who hasn't seen it.

Sim Star TV is producing a new show called The Bachelorette! Seven lucky contestants have been chosen to compete for the affection of one fabulously wealthy and gorgeous single gal. The winner gets to have and to hold, while the losers go home with their pride in tatters! Watch the show daily at 12 NOON to find out who stays, and who gets the boot!

And here is our dream gal, Mirabelle Love! Her favorite color is blue, she can't keep still when the Cherry ChaCha is playing on the boombox, and she's got a cool 1 million simoleons in the bank, not to mention a mansion a sim could get lost in!

Mirabelle is a Romance sim who loves being single, so you might ask why a gorgeous and independently wealthy sim like her would subject herself to a potentially humiliating experience on TV.

Well, folks, it's a sad, sad tale....

You see, Mirabelle's late father (a man who has obviously never heard of women's lib!) has stipulated in his will that Mirabelle shall not inherit one lousy simoleon unless she changes her woohooing ways and settles down with an appropriately dull, business-minded man.

And so, Mirabelle tried very hard to find such a man... but though she had lots of fun in the process, in the end she was still no closer to wedded bliss.

And then she heard about Sim Star TV's new show....

Sim Star TV knows how to pick them. It's a tricky balance between "appropriate pick for a wealthy heiress" and "not successful enough to thumb his nose at the concept of marrying on a reality show." After interviewing hundreds of men, it was down to seven....

Carter. A Popularity sim a bit down on his luck financially, but from a suitable family background.

Fabian. A Pleasure sim who wants a wife to take care of the more boring things... babies and all that sort of junk that a Pleasure sim just doesn't want to worry about.

Marcus. A Romance sim who spends so much time at the gym that he has no time for dating, let alone finding a mate. He woke up one day and realized that sim life is short, and he better get on with things if he doesn't want to spend his elder days alone.

Leo. A Pleasure sim with big business debts.

Brett (left) and Ethan (right). Brett is a Fortune sim with only monetary gain on his one-track mind. He doesn't mind playing some rich chick if it pads his bank account. Ethan is a Popularity sim who's in it for the fame he's sure this show will gain him.

Victor. A Romance sim who saw a picture of Mirabelle Love on the front page of Sim Times, and vowed to "have her" no matter what it takes. Marriage optional.

"Well of course *I* will win this little contest...."

Good, they're all in one place. Lets scope out the pickin's.

Wow, this place just lit up like an X-Mas Tree!

The overhead cam shows it best. Four sims are hot, three sims are not so hot.

But it's Marcus who really gets her pantin'.

The giant window lets us take in the whole scene.

Mirabelle spends some time getting to know Victor.

"Listen, about that Victor guy...."

The sabottage and mind games have officially begun.

The food is good.

"Get me a soda, will you, Leo dear?"

Mirabelle knows she's got them all at her beck and call.

"Backrub? Why, thank you, Marcus!"

"Mmm, that feels good...."

In the background, Brett is thinking dark and jealous thoughts.

"Backrub? Ha! I can do better than that for you, darling. Here... punch me! Come on now, don't hold back!"

Marcus looks like he would like to punch Brett too.

Marcus: "Whooooa! Someone should put a stop to this...."

With some flirtin'.

"Come 'ere darlin'... you're sizzzzzzlin'!"

She likes that. You can totally tell.

Brett can't let that go unanswered, can he? He moves in with some sweet talk.

The overhead cam captures the consequences.

It is time.... One of these men will go home today. Who will it be?

Will it be the oversexed Victor, who aims to have Mirabelle in the sack before this contest ends?

Will it be the overconfident attention-seeker, Ethan, who's in it for fame and glory?

Will it be Marcus, whose only reason for wanting a wife is so that he'll, well, have a wife?

Will it be Brett, who only wants Mirabelle's money, and is willing to play her like a fiddle to get at her bank vault?

Maybe it will be Fabian, who wants a slave, not a wife.

Will it be Carter, whose exact motivations remain unclear? He seems to be a decent guy, but those bills are sure stacking up for him.

Or will it be Leo, whose motivations couldn't be more clear.... you can see that stack of overdue bills from space!

Mirabelle checks the mirror one last time before the cameras roll.

. . . .

Uh... Mirabelle?

"I know what all of you are here for...."

"You're here to see ME throw one of these guys off the show...."

"But first, I have a few words to all of you in the audience...."

"I'm not a bad person. I know what some of you out there are saying about me. I've read the reviews. I've seen the letters to editor. I've smelled the bags of poo...."

"You don't realize what it's like for me. Exposed. My privacy invaded. Looked down upon and thought of as cheap...."

"I just want people to understand.... I'm here because I want to find my SOUL MATE. That is the only reason. That whole "will" thing is a sham thought up by zealous tabloids!"

. . . .

"But enough about that...."

"We have a show to do!"

"It's been an agonizing decision.... All of the men here are extraordinary in their own way.... I simply don't know how I am to choose...."

"But one MUST go today!"

".... ETHAN must go today!"

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

A cloud of smoke descends....

A beam of light shoots from the clear blue sky....

And Ethan is GONE!

"Please, let us have a round of applause for the six men who remain here today."

*clap* *clap* *clap*

"This is Mirabelle Love, Sim Star TV's BACHELORETTE! Peace out, people!"

"Oooh yeah!" And the audience goes wild....